New Zealand to Mexico.

Well xmas is over, apartment empty and I am sat here waiting for the taxi to take me to Auckland airport. Am pleased to say I had just enough “air points” to pay for the flight to Mexico. The journey is not direct. Auckland to Melbourne, then Sydney and onward to Los Angeles. Stay a couple of nights, quick trip to Marina del Ray to pick up some stuff from West Marine. Need a GPS/ Chartplotter as back up and a fixed mount VHF for the cockpit. As as single hander I don’t want to leave the cockpit to answer VHF calls. Handhelds are great but limited on distance and also end up bouncing around the cockpit and break. Plus the batteries go flat at the wrong moment. Also need to pick up a couple of tethers and a jack line set up. Coming from NZ where our chandleries are somewhat smaller than your average West marine store, I am always amazed at the range of items available and the prices which are much cheaper than what we pay in NZ. Have’nt got much more room in luggage so will be limited as to what I can carry. From LAX it is onto Hermosillo and then a bus to Guaymas. Where, hopefully I will be met by an old friend Ken. He has volunteered to come and pick me up and drive me to San Carlos. I am looking forward to seeing Ken and Linde. We said goodbye nearly 18 months ago in Mazatlan when I had to return to NZ with a health issue. The big day will be the 2nd January when I get to see Serendipity for the first time, have had an offer accepted but this is obviously subject to test sail, a survey if I deem it necessary and a complete visual inspection and test of all equipment. I have another HC as a standby and a rather nice Tayana 42 in Mazatlan if everything goes belly up in San Carlos. Hopefully everything will stack up and Serendipity will pass a rather vigorous inspection. The owner has to put right some things which have been highlighted in the contract but I don’t envisage any major issues. I expect to be all complete and aboard within a week.
Let the adventure begin.


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Why a Hans Christian ?


The rationale behind a decision

Anyone who has considered buying a boat has sought advice from friends, peers and forums before making a decision. In fact there appears to be plentiful advice from all corners when it comes to anything nautical. The pro’s and con’s , the admirers and dissenters. Hans Christian yachts have more than their fair share of both. People either love them or simply would not go anywhere near them with a barge pole. If you want to understand my rationale for recently buying one I have a complete section on this which I will keep updating as my experience living and sailing aboard extends. Check out my pages section by opening link in tool bar above.

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